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 The Children’s Center believes preschool children learn by doing; therefore, ours is an active "hands-on" program, providing experiences for children to use all their senses as they develop physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially. We believe that the development of a positive self-image is very important in the early years.

The Children's Center provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum for preschool age children in a Christian environment. Activities are planned to enhance a healthy, stimulating and challenging environment where children can learn through constructive play and social interaction.

The Children's Center does not include a formal "workbook". Reading or writing readiness, pre-reading and math concepts are integrated through meaningful activities and individualized "work jobs". The Children's Center's curriculum includes language development, reading, writing and math readiness, social studies, science, music, art and physical education integrated through units of study. Activities in our classes are interrelated and skills are not taught in isolation, but in a meaningful context using methods and materials appropriate to the needs and interests of preschool children. 

Our Staff


Mrs. Linda Stafford, Director

Mrs. Kari Allen, Asst. Director / Child Development Specialist

Mrs. Vicky Engdahl, Teacher

Mrs. Deana Engleberger, Co-Teacher

Ms. Beth Townley, Teacher

Mrs. Andrea Philpott, Co-Teacher

Mrs. Shannon Smith, Teacher

Mrs. Rachel Compas, Co-Teacher

Mrs. Judy Baamonde, Teacher

Mrs. Renae Vernon, Co-Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer Neil-Hernandez, Teacher

Mrs. Deanna Clark, Teacher

Mrs. Janice King, Co-Teacher

Ms. Katie Adams, Teacher

Mrs. Tiffany Baamonde

Mrs. Anni Blenke, Teacher

Mrs. Joan Schmidt, Co-Teacher

Mrs. Kim Mart, Event Coordinator

Mrs. Heather Ward, Music Teacher


Preschool handbook (pdf)


Classroom Calendars

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Doggie Class (December) (pdf)


Farm Class (December) (pdf)


Frog Class (December) (pdf)


Jungle Class (December) (pdf)


Ocean Class (December) (pdf)


Owl Class (December) (pdf)


Rainforest Class (December) (pdf)


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Limona Village Chapel Children's Center

408 Limona Rd, Brandon, Florida 33510, United States

(813) 689-8385